The Real Reasons You Need a Criminal-Defense Attorney on Your Side

Facing a serious criminal charge can be scary. Without the guidance and support of an experienced criminal-defense attorney, you may end up spending more time behind bars than you need to or paying more out in fines than you have to. You may have many family members and friends telling you why you need a lawyer. Check out the real reasons you need to discuss your criminal charges with an experienced criminal-defense attorney soon. Read More 

What’s A Wobbler? Understand More About Crimes That Can Be Charged Different Ways

Has your attorney referred to your situation as a "wobbler" case? Learn more about what that means and how it can affect your future. A Crime That Can Be Charged Two Different Ways  If you're charged with a "wobbler" crime, it means that the District Attorney could choose to prosecute you either for a misdemeanor or a felony. For example, in some areas, a simple DUI can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor if no one was injured as a result. Read More 

A Few Times In Your Life When You Should Hire A Lawyer

You might not think so, but at some point in our life, you are probably going to need the services of a lawyer. The important thing is to recognize those times and start looking for legal representation as soon as possible. Here are a few circumstances where you might try to go it alone, but would fare better if you had the help of an attorney. Traffic Violations If you have a simple speeding ticket, you have the choice of paying it or going to court. Read More 

Shining A Light On Darknet Drug Markets: How People Get Caught And Possible Defenses

There are parts of the internet that aren't going to come up in a Google search and don't get indexed by other traditional search engines. Among these "darknet" sites are some online markets that exist solely to connect the sellers and buyers of illicit goods together—and drugs are an important part of those markets. However, this hidden part of the internet is facing intense scrutiny from law enforcement these days—and users run more of a chance of being caught than they probably realize. Read More