What Does Trust Mean In White-Collar Criminal Law?

When a prosecutor charges someone with a white-collar crime a central feature of the case is usually trust. You may wonder what this means and how it might affect your defense. Read on to explore the question from the perspective of a white-collar legal services firm. An Expectation of Trust The classic trust-driven criminal case is embezzlement. County employees, for example, often work in jobs where they can print checks. Normally, they have the power to pay other employees, settle county debts, pay contracts, issue refunds, and handle other government duties. Read More 

Don’t Fight Your DUI Case on Your Own

It could be tempting for some arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) to think they don't need legal help. Unfortunately, DUI cases are not what they used to be. Although still considered a misdemeanor, those convicted can face extremely punitive actions. It's not uncommon for defendants to lose their driving privileges, pay thousands in costs, and even go to jail. To help you locate a DUI lawyer, check out the below tips and avoid coping with this type of situation on your own. Read More 

Your Rights In DUI Court

When you go to court for a DUI, you may feel intimidated. The same applies in any criminal court. When you are charged with a crime, you may wonder what your options are. A DUI can be especially intimidating to contend with, as you can feel like you are being judged with little recourse. If you are unsure about your rights in DUI court, you should learn about your options. These are some of the rights you have in American DUI courts. Read More