Don’t Fight Your DUI Case on Your Own

It could be tempting for some arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) to think they don't need legal help. Unfortunately, DUI cases are not what they used to be. Although still considered a misdemeanor, those convicted can face extremely punitive actions. It's not uncommon for defendants to lose their driving privileges, pay thousands in costs, and even go to jail. To help you locate a DUI lawyer, check out the below tips and avoid coping with this type of situation on your own.

Ask Around and Ask Google

Personal recommendations are the best route to a great lawyer. Other lawyers will often recommend a good lawyer so check with an estate, personal injury, or family law attorney for their personal preferences. As for using Yelp, Google, and other internet resources, that's a good way to find out more about your choices and read some reviews. When reading reviews, take very negative ones with a grain of salt. Not every happy client posts reviews so they are bound to skew negative. Finally, check out your state's Bar Association to find out about a lawyer's education, bar standing, where they are licensed to practice, and any disciplinary measures.

Make An Appointment

Don't waste time when it comes to upcoming court dates. Any lawyer you choose needs time to do research, investigate things, talk to the prosecutor, and more. When you appear at your first appointment, help your lawyer get a quick start on the case by bringing all the facts of the case with you. That might include your arrest report, bail documents, release report, notice to appear, and more. Before you forget the facts of the case, take a moment to write down everything you remember about the roadside stop, sobriety testing, and arrest. Here are few issues to ask your lawyer about before you hire them:

  • Do they often work with DUI clients? Some lawyers practice several types of law and that is fine as long as they do a good amount of DUI work as well.
  • How long have they practiced law in this area? Lawyers need to be very familiar with how DUI crimes are handled in the local court system.
  • Do they charge a flat fee for a DUI case or by the hour? If they work by the hour, ask for an estimate of costs for your case and about the retainer.

You won't regret having a DUI lawyer on your side so speak to one today and drop that burden at the law office door.