Causing An Injury From Drunk Driving: Why Hiring A Lawyer Is Vital

Are you facing jail time after causing an injury in a collision due to driving while drunk? It is wise for you to hire a lawyer to assist with a lighter sentence, as he or he may be able to help you avoid having to go to jail. In this article, learn why you need a lawyer when guilty of causing harm in a drunk driving incident.

Why is Help from a Lawyer Vital After Causing a Drunk Driving Collision?

You need help from a lawyer because injuring someone after driving drunk can lead to you being charged with a felony. However, the severity of the charge will depend on the nature of the injury. If you are facing a felony charge, a lawyer will try to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor. You will first have to give him or her details about what happened on the day of the incident. The lawyer may also ask you about your history with drinking and criminal background, as your case may go smoother if you are usually a law abiding citizen.

If you have never been to jail before the drunk driving incident, your lawyer may try to get you a sentence that involves community service, probation or time in an alcohol recovery center. If jail time is necessary, it is possible to get put on house arrest with the help of a lawyer. The key to getting you a lighter sentence will involve bringing out your good qualities in court. Your lawyer will provide services that include:

  • Finding character witnesses
  • Getting your criminal records
  • Investigating the accident scene

You may also receive help concerning getting sued for the injuries caused to the other party. For instance, your lawyer will make sure that you are not getting sued for an unfair amount of money.

What is the Average Rate Charged by a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The hourly rate will vary depending on the severity of your case, but the minimum average is $100. You can also be charged a flat rate, which can average up to $25,000 for a drunk driving case. The rate may be even higher if you caused a bad injury that resulted in you facing a felony charge.

You don't want a felony on your criminal record because it can affect your life in many ways, such as interfering with the type of jobs you can get. Consult with a criminal defense lawyer so you can get legal assistance and a lighter sentence! To learn more, contact a company like the Law Offices of Michael K. Tasker.