3 Things You Should Do If You Are Approached By An Officer For A Possible Arrest

Being arrested can be a scary thing. You might be worried about a variety of things. This stress and worry can make people make rash decisions, that might not help their case. This is why it is important that you know what to do and not to do if you are arrested by the police.

1. Comply With The Officer

Even if you feel the officer is being unfair or targeting you, it is important that you comply with the police. You could be arrested simply for refusing an officer. This is why it is better for you if you respect the officer and take good notes of what happens there. Then if anything is done that is wrong, you can file a complaint later. You could even sue the officer if they don't handle the situation correctly by making mistakes like profiling you, being aggressive or harmful, and so forth. However, you will have a better outcome if you show that you were affable, rather than refusing or being disrespectful during the arrest.

2. Ask: Am I Free To Leave?

In some cases the officers are not there to arrest you, because they don't have enough probable cause, instead they just want to ask you questions. At any point, you can stop answering their questions and leave, if they are not arresting you. This is why you should always ask, am I being arrested? Or am I free to leave? By law, they have to tell you the truth. So if they say yes, you do not have to answer their questions and you can go or ask them to leave your home.

3. If You Are Arrested Ask For A Lawyer

If they do arrest you, you need to ask for a lawyer right away. You can either hire you own attorney, or you can have one appointed to you. The important thing is that you get someone there who is on your side.

Until your lawyer is there you shouldn't answer any of their questions. Respectfully tell them you would like to speak to a lawyer. You should do this whether you are innocent or guilty. A lawyer will help you know what you rights are, what you should and shouldn't say, and how you should go about the process. The police have to stop interrogating you until you have your lawyer present. It is your right.

By doing these things you can protect yourself during an arrest. For more information on criminal law and arrests, talk to a lawyer like those at Druyon Law.