Are There Ways To Speed Up The Bail Process?

If a close friend or relative is currently sitting in jail waiting to get out through bail, you might be working hard to help him or her with this, and the question you might have is how you can speed this process up. While there are ways to get the job done faster, there is also a process that you have no control over that must be completed before you can bail your friend out, and here are a few things to understand.

Bailing someone out isn't possible until the bail is set

A key thing to understand with bail is that the court is responsible for setting the amount, even though the court is not the entity that has your friend locked up behind bars. The police may be responsible for the arrest and housing your friend, but they do not have the authority to set bail. It is up to the court to do this, and you cannot bail anyone out of jail until there is an amount set. Some jails operate off a bail chart system, which means that they will have the bail amount instantly. Other jails, though, will have to wait until the court makes a decision about the bail amount.

Making sure you have all the details will help speed up the process

One thing that you can do that will help speed up the process of bailing someone out of jail is obtaining all the details that you need to get the job done. If possible, start finding a way to get cash to use towards the bail money. Additionally, make sure you know what jail the person is at, and you may even want to ask the jail about the charges the person is facing and any other details that the jail has about this person's arrest. Knowing this information can help speed up the process, as you will need this information if you use a bail bond agency.

Working with a bail bondsman is a fast option

One of the best options you have in this situation is contacting a bail bond agent. Bail bond agents are experts in this industry and can offer the fastest options around for bailing someone you love out of jail. When you call an agency for assistance, you can give them all the information you have, and they will begin working on the process of getting your friend out of jail. This method will likely result in a faster release. To find out more information about bail bond agents, contact an agency of your choice.