A Few Times In Your Life When You Should Hire A Lawyer

You might not think so, but at some point in our life, you are probably going to need the services of a lawyer. The important thing is to recognize those times and start looking for legal representation as soon as possible. Here are a few circumstances where you might try to go it alone, but would fare better if you had the help of an attorney. Traffic Violations If you have a simple speeding ticket, you have the choice of paying it or going to court. Read More 

Shining A Light On Darknet Drug Markets: How People Get Caught And Possible Defenses

There are parts of the internet that aren't going to come up in a Google search and don't get indexed by other traditional search engines. Among these "darknet" sites are some online markets that exist solely to connect the sellers and buyers of illicit goods together—and drugs are an important part of those markets. However, this hidden part of the internet is facing intense scrutiny from law enforcement these days—and users run more of a chance of being caught than they probably realize. Read More 

Street Fight: A Self-Defense Guide To Prepare And Protect

You may not be in elementary or high school any longer, but that does not mean a physical confrontation is not possible. How should you deal with a confrontation and what should you do during a fight? The following guide will help you understand what you should do if you are physically threatened or assaulted.  What Are You Dealing With In Legal Terms? The first thing you should know is that an altercation that leads to a physical confrontation is generally going to involve the following: Read More 

Trying To Get A Lighter Sentence? Here Are Four Things To Do.

You made a mistake and committed a crime. Now, you've been convicted and are waiting to learn what sentence the court is going to impose on you. What can you (and your lawyer) do to try to get the court to give you a lenient sentence? 1. Try to get a court appearance early in the morning or right after lunch. The reality is that a judge's mood can affect the outcome of your case. Read More 

Two Of Your Questions About Criminal Cases Answered

When a person enters the criminal justice system, the entire process can seem overwhelming. In addition to being extremely complicated, the consequences of losing your criminal case can be particularly devastating. Unfortunately, this is a part of the legal system that you may not have any experience with, which can result in you being poorly informed about this process. By understanding the following two answers to common criminal case questions, your understanding of defending yourself against these charges may improve. Read More