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Causing An Injury From Drunk Driving: Why Hiring A Lawyer Is Vital

Are you facing jail time after causing an injury in a collision due to driving while drunk? It is wise for you to hire a lawyer to assist with a lighter sentence, as he or he may be able to help you avoid having to go to jail. In this article, learn why you need a lawyer when guilty of causing harm in a drunk driving incident. Why is Help from a Lawyer Vital After Causing a Drunk Driving Collision? Read More 

Beat A Breathalyzer Test The Smart Way

Police use breathalyzer tests to estimate BAC from the alcohol in your lungs. You have a right to refuse a breathalyzer if you get pulled over for a suspected DUI. However, this could lead to separate penalties and charges. Here are some tips to beat a breathalyzer in a DUI case. Learn What Will Not Help You have perhaps heard other people do things to pass a breathalyzer test during a traffic stop. Read More 

The Real Consequences Of A DUI Conviction

The crime of driving under the influence is a serious conviction. Often, people don't understand just how serious the charge is until they find themselves in the middle of a legal battle. Even then, it's often misunderstood just how significant and long-lasting the consequences of a DUI conviction are. Learning some of the harsh consequences that come along with this conviction can help highlight just how important legal representation is. Read More