Parents Paying The Price: 3 Ways You Might Be On The Hook Financially For Your Child’s Crime

If your child is charged with a crime, they will have to navigate the juvenile justice system and pay for their crime if they are found guilty. While being charged with a crime will be very stressful for your child, it will be equally stressful for you, if not more so. In addition to carving out times for meetings with your lawyer and court dates, your child's crime might also hurt you financially. Read More 

3 Things You Should Do If You Are Approached By An Officer For A Possible Arrest

Being arrested can be a scary thing. You might be worried about a variety of things. This stress and worry can make people make rash decisions, that might not help their case. This is why it is important that you know what to do and not to do if you are arrested by the police. 1. Comply With The Officer Even if you feel the officer is being unfair or targeting you, it is important that you comply with the police. Read More 

Pleading Insanity: 3 Facts You Should Know Before Asserting This Legal Defense

One of the only defense strategies that can be use in all criminal proceedings is an insanity defense. By pleading not guilty by reason of insanity, a defendant is able to admit that they committed a crime, but ask that the jury does not hold them criminally liable for their actions due to a mental defect or disorder. While this defense strategy can be quite effective in some cases, there are a few facts that you should know before choosing to assert this defense in your own case. Read More 

Causing An Injury From Drunk Driving: Why Hiring A Lawyer Is Vital

Are you facing jail time after causing an injury in a collision due to driving while drunk? It is wise for you to hire a lawyer to assist with a lighter sentence, as he or he may be able to help you avoid having to go to jail. In this article, learn why you need a lawyer when guilty of causing harm in a drunk driving incident. Why is Help from a Lawyer Vital After Causing a Drunk Driving Collision? Read More 

Beat A Breathalyzer Test The Smart Way

Police use breathalyzer tests to estimate BAC from the alcohol in your lungs. You have a right to refuse a breathalyzer if you get pulled over for a suspected DUI. However, this could lead to separate penalties and charges. Here are some tips to beat a breathalyzer in a DUI case. Learn What Will Not Help You have perhaps heard other people do things to pass a breathalyzer test during a traffic stop. Read More